Flow Props 

2020/12/08: WOOO!! What a year 🤣 We’ve had a bunch of orders come in the last couple days plus Jack & Shaz are heading south next weekend to see family (and do some scuba diving!), so the website store is shutting down for everything but full staves (5 of those are available)

Some highlights:
Jan/Feb         Moving from 25 to 22mm was a massive tiny accomplishment but everything feels so much better for it 😁
Mar – July      The battery packs finally became awesome and there hasn’t been a single repair on one yet 🤞
April              Shaz 🥰 and Jack moved to Townsville – lednewscaliworkshop is bloody brilliant, more space, better organized, awesome!
May               Thom and Kace got the workshop a really cool canvas print for me b’day, of some light photography with the staves. Thanks guys 💚💙🧡
June               The depths of covid.. Staff builds got a lot smoother while keeping supplies went absolutely shit 🤣🤣🤣
July                 Jack got a job! Technical Manager at an agricultural tech startup!!!!! Designing circuit boards and writing code for automated farming 😎
August           job job job
Sept               LOTS OF ORDERS! Crazy month 😆 
October        OMG MORE ORDERS!!!! But also more spinning (cheers Jed!) and visitors from far away (cheers Thom, Sassie and Steph 🐊🐊🐊)
Nov                Finally a break, caught up on staves and a couple custom orders. Improvements to firmware.. Day job intensifies 😋
Dec                Tidying up, winding down, planning holidays – NOPE! MORE ORDERS 😫😫😄😄😄


To the many customers, friends and family who’ve let me run so damn far with this project, thankyou, thankyou so much 💚
I’ve had 2 ridiculously busy and satisfying years of funemployment, pushed my design skills further & further and sent beautiful products all around the world, to kind and thankful strangers who send pictures of what their props get up to 😄

Dream come true y’all, thanks so much 

                                 – Jack 


*** All prices are in Australian Dollareedoos ***    (1 AUD = ~0.7 USD, ~0.6 EUR) 


 We recommend contacting us before any purchase to discuss lead time, discounts, customisation, and to say hello 😄