Carbon Snake Poi 72px, 216 LEDs


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Hidden listing and probs out of date – poi are all custom made
(if you have this page address I’ve already discussed the specs with you 😋)



Snake poi are long and do move like poi, but some moves will need to be adapted for the new geometry. Not suitable for contact.
We love these for the extra display capability, we’ve also made 24 and 36 pixel poi and can make any custom design 🙂
Contact us for tether and pom colours and options.

  • Laser cut carbon fibre core; rigid, durable and beautiful
  • LEDs are covered in IP65 silicon and 2 layers of continuous, waterproof polyolefin sheath
  • Three strips of 72 LEDs on each poi – 216 LEDs in total, super bright and visible from any angle
  • Dimensions and weight (each)
    • 585mm long plus 180mm long tether, 8.2mm UV resistant kernmantle rope and Home of Poi poms (default, contact us for options)
    • 390 grams
    • 25mm diameter core, ~32mm along the lights, 37mm at the ends of the end caps
  • 2600mAH rechargeable battery in each poi
    • Approx 8 hours runtime, depending on brightness and patterns
    • Approx 3 hours to completely recharge
    • Magnetic micro USB and charger included
    • Battery indicator (press the green button twice)
  • 4GB microSD card
    • Has never been filled, would hold over 10 hours of unique imagery if full
    • Preloaded with 100 patterns arranged in 5 folders
    • L’EDitor software and user guide included on µSD card
    • microSD/USB adaptor included
  • Three button interface
    • RED             Next Pattern / Next Folder / Brightness up
    • GREEN        Toggle repeat / Battery Indicator / Brightness down
    • BLUE           On / Off

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