Care and Warranty 

Too long didn’t read: 30 day money back, 1 year fair use warranty, 30% (or more) off total replacement at any time


We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied by our creation simply return it in saleable condition.
                All supplied parts with no sign of usage, scuffs, damage or other detractions. Buyer to pay return postage + insurance.

1 Year Warranty:
                All our products come with a one year warranty. Buyer must pay return postage + insurance.
                If a mistake escaped our quality control we will replace the item.
                If the item fails from normal and reasonable usage we will replace it.
                Normal wear and tear such as scuffs and scratches to the outermost layer is not covered but can be repaired for a small fee, or instructions & DIY
                Gradual wear and tear of the grip is normal – it is routine maintenance to inspect and retape as necessary.

                LEDScalibur were developed to be tough, surprisingly tough, but are not unbreakable.
                Drops are not smooth. Drops are not flow. Avoid dropping your staff and it will never need fixing (AND you’ll be a better performer)
                Dropping on sand is fine. We have thrown and dropped these on beaches hundreds of times.
                Dropping on grass is fair. Longer grass is gentler.
                Dropping on concrete is silly, but we’ve seen it happen dozens of times without fail.
                Many drops on concrete is dumb and will gradually cause damage.
                Worse than dropping is spinning AFAYC, losing control and throwing it hard into the ground/wall/bystander. 
                Do not use as duelling weapons. Sharp impacts may cause dead pixels, usually repairable for under $100.
                If the item has been bent, snapped or otherwise obviously abused – see below for Total Replacement.
                Hard, end on knocks might dislodge the memory card or circuit board, The staff may freeze, restart with default/coded patterns or turn off
                      – Reinsert the memory card/circuit board and restart (hold blue to turn off, press blue to turn on)

                Above the IP65 LEDs is a continuous length of waterproof polyolefin heatshrink. The end caps are tight fitting soft rubber.
                Our props are inherently very water resistant, if the end caps are well fitted they’ll even be water proof to several meters.
                Gouges or punctures in the outer layer or inside the end caps may lessen the water resistance, especially under pressure.
                Exposure to moisture may degrade the look and feel of the grip tape – it is routine maintenance to inspect and retape as necessary.
                If you believe your prop has suffered water damage contact us for drying instructions, repair or replacement.


               To minimise weakness and rattles our battery packs are soldered and riveted in place and encased in silicone. They are not replaceable.
               Lithium batteries are amazing but don’t last forever. When your battery life is 50% degraded (~3 years) we will replace or upgrade the prop for 50% off
                 – We use protected Panasonic 18650s. A circuit board inside each cell prevents the cell from overvoltage, undervoltage and overcurrent conditions
                 – Lithium batteries do not exhibit a memory effect; they do not need to be completely discharged before recharging
                 – Battery life is decreased by elevated temperatures, avoid direct sunlight or prolonged exposure above 30
                 – Battery life is highly dependant on how often and far they swing from charged to discharged (depth of discharge), for example:

                          100% depth of discharge will last for ~300 cycles
                          60% depth of discharge will last for ~600 cycles
                          20% depth of discharge will last for ~2000 cycles
                 – Optimum storage voltage is ~3.7v, shown on the battery indicator (press the green button twice) by a single blue light
                 – For more information read this article from batteryuniversity

 Total Replacement:

                If damage happens beyond the warranty period or limitations, talk to us.
                At a minimum we will offer 30% off the price of a total replacement – lifetime guarantee.
                Social ambassadors get up to 50% off total replacements and 20% off future purchases.

  ** Treat LEDScalibur with reverence and it will last. Lend it to a yobbo and it might get thumped into the ground **