Durable, Affordable, Premium LED Flow Props

Designed and Built in Australia




Born in 2018 on Darwin’s Mindil Beach, the idea was to build an amazing LED Staff at a reasonable price. It was cool, but it wasn’t amazing.. 

So we designed better boards, used bigger batteries, made a better interface and built 20 more to hone our manufacturing techniques. 

Now we’ve made collapsible versions, contact versions, a sword, a dragon, doubles, and some one off custom designs. Some are in stock and ready to ship tomorrow, others are made to order, meanwhile we’ll keep developing new ideas and features.



Prototypes were not treated carefully, weaknesses were strengthened.

ABS/TPU internals are riveted in place, encased in silicone or expansion foam, battery connections are soldered and covered in HMA, and the whole staff is covered in a continuous layer of waterproof heatshrink.

Don’t pack up if it looks like rain. Don’t cringe if it gets dropped on the beach. Take it to doofs; if it gets rolled in the mud, hose it off!

Our staves have even survived dozens of drops on concrete, but that’s a dumb thing to do. Treat it like your phone – don’t lend it to a yobbo.

30 day moneyback guarantee, 1 year manufacturers warranty – Details
Half price replacements if you bent it / broke it / lent it to a yobbo… 


There are several LED staves on the market, but we didn’t see much between ‘bendy frosted tubes with a few LEDs’ and ‘$2000 from 10000 miles away’, so we designed something in between (and built robots to do some of the work!) 

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There will be more expensive, higher res products in future, but above all we want to see more LEDs at the events we love. Meaning awesome toys come first, and even more amazing toys.. wait and see 😉

L’EDitor – Stun your Audience

Purpose built desktop application containing useful features from professional photo and video editing software, without the complexity.

Add and manipulate images using effects, overlays and transitions,  preview your creations as if they were spinning, timeline with music, align frames to create moving pictures. Use your own/downloaded images, select from 100’s of samples or generate patterns from palettes.

Our software is developed in house – want something new? Tell us! 



If you like coding or PCB design our products can be a platform for your imagination, or just a fun dig into how things work.  Code, pinout and lots more information comes on the built in µSD card

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