Our purpose built image manipulation, conversion and choreography software


Easy mode – drag and drop images (.bmp/.jpg/.png) to arrange in folders. Various tools to edit, enhance and personalise images
Advanced mode – import an mp3 file and mark beats. Drag images onto the timeline to arrange in layers and snap to beat markers

This is portable software, meaning there’s nothing to install – run directly from the SD card or move it to your computer to work without the SD card present



 L’EDitor Choreo v0.9.2

          – Portable software, unzip contents and double click L’EDitor Choreo (no installation required)
          – Zip file also contains a sample folder of 200 handpicked images
          – LEDScalibur products have either a 128 or 256MB microSD card, enough to hold 1.5 or 3 hours of unique imagery


          – Imports MP3 files, displays as a waveform
          – Drag and drop image files (BMP, JPG, PNG) to the timeline layers
          – Quantize audio – while listening to the track click MARK or press the spacebar to leave markers at the beats
          – Snap to markers. Double click the left half of an image unit to start it on the nearest marker, double click the right half to extend to the nearest marker
          – Play with layers. Black colours are transparent (see black cutoff), overlay superimposes on the underlay
          – Edit images. Right click on a file or unit to open the edit page

Version History

     – Changed to startup in easy mode first, small UI tweaks
     – Todo: Tutorial videos…

     – More drag and drop and right click options, testing and debugging
     – Began writing documentation/help files    

     – Merged the easy (0.1.x) and advanced (0.9.x) modes back into one program
     – Replaced a lot of buttons with toolbars
     – FPS calibration, audio options added and early parts for device communication (file upload over USB, eventually wireless)
     – Edit panel is shared/identical in both modes
     – True length editor added. Timeline images start/finish on time without squishing onscreen, true length editor is what the staff/device actually plays

     – Added click & drag to select multiple MP3 markers, right click options to evenly space, import & export markers
     – Added timescale to MP3 render

     – Zoomable timeline
     – Protected project option. Allows the creator to add a password to .ledP files (view and export only but can’t be edited)
     – Delete key will delete selected image (right click and remove is still there)   Todo: more keys
     – Testing, bug fixes

     – Drag And drop between layers, drag files to layers

     – First version of Choreo/Timeline/Advanced mode. Easy mode is still used to edit SD contents (todo: merge the two forks)  
     – Two layers to organise and superimpose images
     – Right click menus for image units, files, folders, preview image
     – Result Is split into segments and exports to a clean folder
     – todo: Incorporate old L’EDitor as ‘easy mode’
     – todo: Write the user manual!

     – Added specific functions for full length LEDs (no grip) staves; halve/duplicate/mirror part/flip part                          
     – Added export window for list selection, edit header functions                           
     – Rewrote core functions to handle any height of images, final export will adjust depending on prop selection                           
     – Export window remembers last settings, auto selects device/pixel count                           
     – Choreo window still hidden but MP3 waveform Is working, mark, 2 layers, some filters

     – Dark interface                          
     – Added header to LED files and per file settings (brightness, repeating, room for future ideas (gyro and wireless stuff)
     – Changed naming convention to fix play order                          
     – Added basic drag And drop functionality for ordering files                           
     – Added SPIN button to visualise as a rotating display

     – Big adjustment to user interface And appearance                           
     – Added rotation ticks to image display                           
     – HSL functions                           
     – Mirror And repeat functions                           
     – Skew And shift functions          

     – Added .JPG And .PNG support                          
     – Added copy And paste functionality                           
     – Added window to setup And modify watch folders                          
     – Added trim/scale sliders

     – Converts .BMP files to .LED files