Pixel Dragon Hubs


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We didn’t reinvent the dragon staff, just designed some new wheels for it!

* UPDATE MARCH 2021 – Version 3 now fit ANY 22mm staff *
– page needs a rewrite and pictures of the new attachment system, and the new polycarb design (lighter again, better feel, better looking – still not a beginner prop and no plans to be)
– suits any 22m staff, not just F3s

Not recommended for beginners or the reckless.
These are art pieces – NOT for dropping.
These are not repairable and don’t have our usual warranty – broken heads can be replaced individually for half price ($225 + p/h)
If you want a durable pixel flow prop please check out our staves, doubles and swords

Original blurb – to be rewritten and updated

If you already have a Threeworlds F3 Dragon you’ve got a great dragon – strong, lightweight, great grip and a brilliant collapsible system Our pixel wheels are designed to sit around the shaft, held in place by the three pronged hub with the bendy wick spokes removed. No tools needed to build and collapse the dragon (just like you already do) – changing from Fire to LED will need an allen key and phillips head screwdriver, or a spare set of F3 hubs Pixels hubs are made of 2 & 3mm lasercut polycarbonate, siliconed together with the electronics protected between the sheets Price is for 1 pair of LEDScalibur pixel hub attachments (F3 hubs not included) to be fitted to your existing Threworlds F3 Dragon Staff These are 2nd prototypes, compared to the first they are less durable but are much lighter and tidyier – don’t drop it. Not recommended for beginners These are performance pieces, art, not as durable as our staves – if you break it you broke it. Attachments are 475mm diameter and weigh 460 grams each, with 31 pixels visible outside each wheel and 26 inside the wheel, 3 spokes (342 LEDs total) A complete 1.4 metre Threeworlds Carbon Fibre dragon with our pixel hubs weighs 1530g (not light, but a huge improvement on the 2.5kg version 1!) 3000mAH, approx 5 hours battery life Programmable with our L’EDitor Software (supplied on the microSD card) Preloaded with 50 patterns, memory card can hold up to ~45 minutes of unrepeating imagery. USB-MicroSD card adaptor, USB charger and cable included