Hellos! Merry Chrissy, Happy Newy 😁

Arlo is 2 years old now and it’s time to restart this little flow buisness; the “nup, baby” excuse has run out…

Time is still in short supply, after work (electrical design and code for an AgTech Company), a couple hours with family, dinner, bathtime and the trauma that is “Brush Teeth” I generally don’t have a lot of energy left to build flow props =/

But I (Jack) recently flew a mate (Teddy) up to help built the internal assembly for 40 staff/sword/double/poi, which is the first step. Carbon Fibre, LEDs are here already, new controllers landed in Aussie customs yesterday – yay!

Things are happening bit by bit but I’m not taking any orders until there is stuff ready to sell, no more “yea send money and gimme a week, I love working under pressure!!”, and also no custom props for awhile, just focusing on what I already know I can build well

Yours eventually!
Jack @ LEDScalibur

PS: Come to Flowstate Festival!!! – Gold Coast Hinterland – ANZAC day long weekend β€πŸ’šπŸ’™