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Hidden listing for VegasKlein – $300 deposit for materials and to prioritise board redesign

Actual build will start approx 4 weeks after design sent, which will be done within a week. You’ll be notified of any updates or unexpected delays
Build will be fairly straightforward, likely 2 days,
Shipping to the US with registered express has previously cost AU$70 but we’ll cap this at AU$50. Total price will be 300 deposit, 500 balance, 50 shipping = AU$850

*** Actual delivery time is unpredictable due to Covid ***

23mm outside diameter laser cut carbon fibre core, 1.5mm walls
5000mAH stated capacity, from two 2600mAH 18650s
programmable, preloaded with ~100 patterns in ~4 folders  (20 maximum),
256MB card (double normal, good for ~1.5 hours of unique unrepeating imagery)
6 x ~110pixel strips arranged as per photos sent may 15th on Instagram    << actual number might change during build (120 if possible, which would work better with the existing software)

Length will be normal, 137cm / 54″ / 4.5 feet
Total weight is normally ~720g, with extra LEDs but without grip this should be ~~800 grams / 28 ounces / 1.75 pounds


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